February 2020

01 FEBRUARY 2020

As I write this, a relentless, torrential rain, (manifesting as high winds and blizzard snow in the mountains), floods the already sodden ground. This morning, just after I got the dogs in, I heard a sharp crack and watched a long, straight fir tree fall across the length of the neighbor's backyard. Over a hundred feet long, it fell parallel to the house so that other than a section of fence, no one or  no thing was damaged. 

In other words, it just isn't good hiking weather, and with no new hikes to report, I think back to last summer's epic hike one more time. The memories are a pleasant place to be with winter in full swing outside. And in an attempt to blend past with present, as a kind of New Year's reflection, I wrote the following piece.

Ten Things I Learned While Long-Distance Hiking

On July the 5th, we set out to walk 455 miles from the California border to the Washington border, in thirty days. My daughter dropped us off on a forest road in the middle of nowhere, her little black Veloster leaving puffs of dust behind it as she drove off...



We are Marea, Kirk and Misha, the Wilderness Chick, Dude and Dog respectively. We are not professional hikers and this is not a traditional hiker blog. 

We will share our stories with you along with our thoughts and ideas about life and love and adventure. 


Misha and I have been hiking together since he was about 6 months old. Kirk joined us a few years ago. 

We love the outdoors and we believe that hiking is good for the soul. 

Hope you enjoy and Happy Hiking...

"Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit." 

Edward Abbey


07/14 to 07/20

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