Pacific Crest Trail Facts

  • The Pacific Crest Trail is 2650 miles.

  • It begins at the U.S. / Mexican border, Campo California.

  • It ends in Manning Park, Canada.

  • On average it takes about five months to complete.

  • A hiker who does the entire trail in one shot is called a thru-hiker. 

  • The Oregon section of the PCT is 455 miles long. 

  • The Oregon section begins in the woods southwest of Ashland at the Oregon/California border at Donomore Pass. 

  • It ends at the Bridge of the Gods in Cascade Locks, OR. 

  • A hiker who does the trail in pieces is called a section hiker. 

  • The total elevation gain for Oregon is 69,340 which is like climbing the Empire State Building 47.7 times.

  • The total elevation loss for Oregon is 75,930 which is equivalent to going down into the Grand Canyon 12.5 times.

  • And doing all this in 30 days.

  • Oregon is known as the green tunnel of the PCT for obvious reason. 

  • Oregon is also considered the easiest section of the trail because of it's moderate terrain in comparison to the brutal Sierra Nevada's in California and the wet, sharp terrain in Washington.

  • Best time of the year to hike it is after the snow melt in summer into early autumn.

  • The highest point on the PCT is Forester Pass in California at 13,153 feet.

  • The lowest point of the PCT is Cascade Locks, Oregon on the Bridge of the Gods at just 140 feet.

Calories Burned

On a day where we hike 15 miles in 8 hours, we are likely to burn more calories than we can eat. 

Depending on the average incline and the weight of our packs, it could look like this:

Kirk-5,284   Marea-3,055   Misha-958

Considering that Marea usually eats around 1800 calories and Kirk eats around 2500 a day, you can see the disparity. This adds up to some substantial weight loss. 

What a diet plan!

"Always Take The Scenic Route."


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